Can You Sell and Buy in Today’s Market?

It’s not impossible! Get your personalized roadmap from Wilcynski Partners


Home prices in Seattle have nearly doubled since 2012 and townhouses remain a highly sought-after property type, yet a recent shift in the market is giving townhouse owners like yourself an opportunity to simultaneously sell their homes and purchase a new one. If you’ve considered selling but have been unsure of how to do so in Seattle’s competitive market, Wilcynski Partners can help. Complete the form to schedule a no-obligations consultation with our team of experienced real estate agents where we’ll work with you to develop a personalized roadmap to help you determine the best way to seamlessly buy and sell.

Should you decide that our team of brokers are the right fit to help you execute your plan, we’ll:

 Work with you to identify cost-effective improvements and repairs to your current home

Schedule the appropriate vendors to complete the various tasks and manage timelines on your behalf

Help you identify and acquire your next home

Plus, manage the entire real estate transaction from start to finish - making it as easy as possible to get you from point A to point B


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