Check the Value of Your Seattle Home Instantly

Low housing inventory in Seattle - specifically in Capitol Hill, Arboretum, Montlake and Eastlake -
is creating a hot market for sellers.

Why Check Your Home Value?

Here are three benefits of checking your home value:

Reason 1 Timing the Market: If you've been waiting for the right time to sell, it is critical that you understand how the market is performing to ensure that you time the market just right.

Market Intelligence Comparable Properties: Homes are selling in less than 30 days on average in the Capitol Hill area, making it easy to overlook which properties are selling and for how much. Our online valuation tool will give you insight into neighborhood sales that can dramatically impact the value of your home.

Property ImprovementsProperty Improvements: If your home has unique characteristics like a remodel, upgrades, or stunning views, you can make adjustments to your property value using our tool and have that information syndicate to other websites assigning a value to your property - because everyone loves more accurate information!

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