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A Q&A with Larry and Dan Wilcynski

In light of the recent re-launch of the Wilcynski Partners website and the brand new blog, here’s a chance to get to know Larry and Dan beyond their profession.

Were you named after anyone?

L: My mom’s cousin who was killed in a car accident. They were very close so my name is a tribute to him.

D: I was – in fact, my first name is William, as is my father’s and both of my grandfathers. While both of my grandfather’s went by “Bill”, my father also goes by his middle name – so apparently I was destined to go by my middle name. Speaking of which, my middle name comes from one of my mother’s cousins.


Where did you grow up?

L: We grew up on Bainbridge Island. As a kid, I didn’t appreciate it but looking back as an adult it’s a pretty amazing place. I would consider living there if I wasn’t so ingrained in Seattle.

D: I was born in Tacoma and lived my first 18 months in Federal Way until we moved to Bainbridge.


What did you do for fun as a kid?

L: Our parents were definitely big on getting us out of the house (probably because there were 4 of us boys!) so we were constantly out riding bikes, playing basketball, etc.

D: We were always encouraged to play outside with other kids in the neighborhood, especially during the summer months. I played a lot of sports year-round beginning at a young age.


What do you do for fun now?

L: Obviously your discretionary time becomes more limited as an adult but my wife and I try to maintain our social life with friends meeting for dinner and drinks as much as possible. Now that my kids are skiing, I’m very excited to be snowboarding again and we love to travel.

D: Spare time definitely seems tough to come by these days, but as much as possible I spend it with my wife, family and friends. I’m into sports and enjoy rooting for Seattle’s professional and college teams, as well going snowboarding in the winter and playing golf and other sports in the summer.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

D: I definitely wanted to be a professional athlete but I realized by my freshman year in high school however that was never going to happen!

L: I wanted to be a lawyer. I’m not sure why I didn’t go in that direction but I’m very happy in Real Estate.


How often did you two argue growing up?

L: Probably as much as any brothers. We’re 5 years apart so I was out of the house by the time Dan was in high school.

D: I wouldn’t call it arguing as much as verbal abuse from the top down!


Mountain Cabin or Beach House?

D: Beach house for sure. I enjoy getting up to the mountains but there’s nothing quite like the beach, especially in the summer months.

L: Beach House, no question. I love the mountains but if I only had the beach I would learn to surf.


Last concert attended:

L: Doe Bay Fest on Orcas Island.

D: Maroon 5


What kind of music do you dislike?

D: I’ve never been a big fan of country – probably because I was forced to listen to every Alan Jackson album on our family road trips most summers growing up! It’s actually grown on me a little in recent years but wouldn’t be my first choice.

L: I’m also not a big fan of country although I can appreciate some of it. Polka is pretty obnoxious but does anyone really like polka??

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